Dollar Cost Averaging: Passing University Exams, Finding Employments And Getting Married. They’re All Gambling!

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Hmm… I didn’t know my husband’s bad things until getting married!
My wife never used to be like this… Her personality changed completely.


Marriage is one of the most worried for 20-30’s in Japan.

Japanese feel a lot of pressure to conform, peer pressure, especially of wedding related things.

I “have to” find handsome, smart, tall and high‐salaried guy!!!


I wonder what being normal is wrong.

This Article is for
– People who are interested in Japanese marriage market
– People who want to reconsider living as a typical guy
– Women for looking for a guy who is nice to them, but still can’t find one

Investment vs Marriage

I hope this essay can reconsider your sense of life.

Let’s find it through this short essay!

Which is Important? Luck or Effort?

It’s often said that our life is like a Gachapon (that means capsule-toy vending machine). 

To become like someone who we admire, we need to invest 10 years of efforts in multiple areas, and to believe that, someday, we will get a return on our investment. 

Ryo-san, a police officer in the Japanese anime KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops, insisted to rich heiress Reiko,

“Passing university exams, finding employments and getting married.They’re all gambling!” 

Training ourselves is definitely necessary to achieve “success” in our live.

However, the final factor that determines our success would be luck itself actually.
Marriage literally means betting your own life for the rest of your time in this world.

Property value at Japanese marriage market


The Japanese “Marriage market” appears to be utterly ridiculous.

Both men and women are looking for a partner, basing their decisions on their “property values”, such as their face, heights, company, living area and finance.

As is often the case with those on the market, “the value of oneself” does not factor into their consideration.
Their rationale is “This guy is not for me, maybe the next will be.” 

Since the next guy hasn’t shown up yet, women wouldn’t give up on the higher property, they cling to the hope someone better will come, like a phantom they haven’t seen yet.

A girl would be saying “I only wish for a normal guy, not super special.”, with a deep sigh.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Normal life is similar to dollar cost averaging. 

It is boring to put your investment solely in index funds, which is a type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to track the components of a financial market index. 

However, putting money in venture funds or cryptocurrencies is significantly more exciting, in the real world, this could be compared to being a Youtuber. They can find success overnight.

They get a raise, which couldn’t be achieved by working for a normal company.

There are no exciting or disappointing events in index investments, but that’s the most successful strategy adopted by many prudent investors.

Hiroshi, a “typical” guy

All anime characters aside, the landmark of a typical father is Hiroshi in Shin-chan, working for a trading company and living in his own house in Kasukabe with a wife who is seven years  younger, a son, a daughter and a cute dog. 

Guys like him seem to be found everywhere in Japan. That’s why boys don’t dream to be Hiroshi, but Bill Gates, Microsoft. 

Now a guy sees one of life’s success as being with people whom he loves at the last moment to realize his precious journey was colored by his ever-present beloved wife, faithful former canine companion, grown-up son and daughter. 

Being expected “normal” is not an easy task.

Every normal steps you take as an average makes you super valuable person, most people don’t realize the fact though. 


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