Silver Plating Spoon For Children: Leaving Properties To Your Children Could Spoil Your Loved Ones


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Should I leave my properties to my children?

I’m wondering I give all of my assets to my son before passing away. But…I want my children to earn money by themselves.


These are common worries when people get old.

If we don’t want to spoil your children, we should reconsider this before inheritance problems come out.

This Article is for
– People who want to prepare their mindset of inheritance
– People who already have enough properties and think to leave them for their children
– People who want their children to stand themselves
Remaining property vs Silver spoon

I hope this essay can save your family from inheritance problems.

Let’s find it through this short essay!

The Bureaucrat & His Children


“Which is better, leaving your property to your kids or not?”

While in a hospital for two weeks, an old and former bureaucrat asked me that.

My answer was confident even for a 24-year old university student.

“Definitely not! It’s better for you and your wife to use the rest of your property.

Children have to find a way to live independently!

It is common sense among rich men all over the world,” saying this with confidence.

This thought is part of the concept “Die with zero.”

However, he continued embarrassingly,

“My son and daughter are already over 50 years old. They are expecting to inherit our property to survive after retirement…

They don’t come near my hospital bed anyway.”

The strong confidence this government officer had in the front line during the struggle of northern territory issues between Japan and Russia has faded away.

Giving a Silver Spoon

Elton John, the super popular British singer and one of the top billionaires, once said:

“The worst thing you can do to a child, and I’ve seen it happen so many times, is the silver spoon.”

Bill Gates established Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Great investor, Warren Buffett, who is called ‘god of investment’, has already decided to donate 99% of his wealth to the Gates foundation.

It seems there is a kind of common sense among rich men about the remaining property issue.

History of Lead in Ancient Rome & Japan

On a different note, there is one speculation of ruin for ancient Rome.

Some distraught emperors in history and the upper class used tablewares made from lead.
They ate boiled down cuisines in lead pots, and drank red wines in lead cups.
Lead literary led to bad health conditions, such as low back pain, gout, and neuralgia.

History is repeating itself in Japan.

Actresses of Kabuki put thick white powder made from lead on their faces.
The powder is affordable and a good makeup base that spreads well and is water resistant, which was named as ‘fairly incense.’

After the prohibition of the production of the “dark” but white powder in 1934, people still continuously used it, and the rest was history.

Looks Silver, but Made of Lead

lead balloon

If I had a chance to answer the same question from the old government officer, I would say that you should have let them know about your brave decision in advance.

By doing so, they could have started thinking of ways to live by themselves, even the decision went down like a lead balloon.

Keep in mind, you thought you were giving your children “a silver spoon.”

It would look silver, but made from lead that spoiled your loved ones gradually.

That’s like a creeping malady.


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